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  1. Christopher Vazquez

    Christopher Vazquez

    I really wanted to see them sing and dance to this song on THE SHOW

  2. Zaina Amber

    Zaina Amber

    My little 3 year old niece listens to this because she thinks it's cartoon not knowing she is listening to a popular kpop girl group 😅 I believe one day she will be a huge fan of blackpink ❤*proud blink*

  3. _illa_


    Just imagine, they really dance like this in award show or concert💜🙈

  4. Jahid Hossain

    Jahid Hossain

    14 күн бұрын

    S: Strong

  5. Shirlene Chun yingle (Meetohsch)

    Shirlene Chun yingle (Meetohsch)

    FACT: We want Selpink to peform together on stage

  6. Min Moranguita

    Min Moranguita

    Metas para: Ice Cream (Dance performance)

  7. Jake M.

    Jake M.

    Жыл бұрын

    the way they treated Selena as a MEMBER is adorable

  8. A stayblink who is multistan

    A stayblink who is multistan

    Selena's voice blend with bp so much imagine them being in same grp ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

  9. ♡ Kutie Blxck*Pl”yz ♡

    ♡ Kutie Blxck*Pl”yz ♡

    Lisa's hair -

  10. 【_K o o k m i n_】

    【_K o o k m i n_】

    Sigo sin superar a selena como la quinta integrante de blackpink 😭😭💗🖤

  11. Zamantha Cruz

    Zamantha Cruz

    Jisoo’s bag is full of talent, beauty, cuteness and the owner is a beautiful Queen ❤️❤️

  12. Listen to LALISA on Spotify

    Listen to LALISA on Spotify

    19 сағат бұрын

    리사 - 블랙핑크 메인댄서

  13. Santiago Calderón

    Santiago Calderón

    Жыл бұрын

    Popular opinion: Everyone wants to see BLACKPINK AND SELENA performing together.

  14. Alonzal Brown

    Alonzal Brown

    The most rhythmic animation I've EVER SEEN!! THIS was fire !!! I love how they had Selena in it. 🖤💖

  15. Ella Ângela

    Ella Ângela

    Como assim um vídeo de bonequinhas dançando tem 120 milhões de vius?????


    4 сағат бұрын

    Jennie. When I first started listening to your music and watching videos, it was just the way that you presented yourself in them alone that had me mesmerized. Perhaps this is that connection I felt early in my journey with you. Your emotions are always so clear and convincing and capture the whole essence of your music videos. I got all of this just from watching a few music videos. I started to fall in love with the music that you made together as well as your individual work. You have easily one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard in my life. Not only do you have so much control and stability, but you can effortlessly and flawlessly hit some outstanding notes. Your voice also sounds great in any type of song whether it be an upbeat song or a slow ballad. You always place emphasis on all of the perfect moments and create an emotional and impactful song. It’s one thing to dance, but to do so with so much expression, accuracy, enjoyment, and passion is rare to come by. You make every move look so easy when you hit the stage and it always appears as if you are in your element. You exude so much confidence. There is so much individuality and flair that you infuse with each one of your choreographies; and it as if you’ve created your own trademark. You have this way about you and can completely take control of an entire stage with even the subtlest of movements. What I love most about your dancing and performance quality overall is probably the confidence that you easily possess and demonstrate with every stage and practice. In turn, my self-confidence has boosted and I always feel so comfortable with my own abilities every time that I see you perform. You are a legendary performer and have already gone down in history as one of the greatest. One of the first qualities that I’ve noticed about you in this sense is your tendency to step up and take a leadership role in your group. It is impressive in itself that you can speak English so fluently, but you often speak so intelligently and so highly of your members. You are extremely professional and I know that very frequently are asked to participate in interviews and shows. You always maintain such a respectful and kind demeanor with every one of these opportunities and are always grateful to be a part of them. It’s not always easy doing this, but you willingly become the spokesperson of your group and very wisely so. You gingerly show your love and respect for your fans, members, and everyone in-between. You are such a funny person, but you love to laugh all the same. The dynamic between you and your members allows you to constantly joke and have fun with them. Even through some of your more difficult moments, you are cheering them up with laughter and that is the greatest cure for pain and hardship. You also have a serious side and approach some of your difficult moments with such maturity and honesty. Blackpink would not have been able to make it past all that ailed them without your bravery and realism. During these times and every day in-between, you have been there for your members in their own darkest moments. You are a friend like no other and always stay by there side regardless of whatever may happen. You have the ability to comfort and inspire them when they’ve lost sight of their dreams and there is no better way to support them in this life. You are one of the most selfless human beings I have ever known and no matter who you meet or in what context, you are always so respectful and loving towards them. You inspire a movement in love in a time where that is constantly challenged. You’ve managed to bring so many people together to love you and your members and teach millions of people how to treat others each day with your acts of thoughtfulness and words of sincere love. I want to thank your parents and the rest of your family for raising you and preparing you to be the grand source of inspiration and motivation that you are today for so many people. They are always in the hearts of the Blinks every day! Jennie, you are one of the first idols, in my near decade of being a fan of K-Pop, to make me feel so powerful and ready to face my fears. Seeing such a strong female is so necessary for my generation. You’ve helped so many others trust themselves and appreciate who they are. I’ve only been a Blink for almost three years, but I’ve learned so much and felt so much happiness just from being around you and spending time with you. I know that being an idol, especially one that’s gained so much notoriety in such a short time and still is, is not easy. I can recognize that just by how you carry yourself and how grateful and appreciative you are for each day. You work so hard and even do so when you’re tired and fatigued. I know that you can overcome and conquer anything. I am just so proud of you for making it through some of your darker moments and proving that we can do the same. You are so strong and resilient and I hope that I can one day so be able to follow in your footsteps. I have no doubt that you will continue to make it past whatever life throws at you no matter how trying because you have your members and your Blinks to help you. Regarding Blinks, there’s no greater feeling than having somebody like you to look up to and laugh with whenever we’re feeling down. Just being there has been enough for so many Blinks to want to keep going and not give up when they’re feeling troubled. We’ve created so many unbelievable memories with you and still have many more to create. To give up so much just to make us happy only makes us want to do the same to you. We just want to make you happy because that’s all that you do for us, and you are incapable of doing anything different. We are all following in your footsteps and will always spread love to keep the kindness in your heart living on. Thank you for the endless nights of practice, sacrifices of time, and stress that you’ve endured just to being us any content at all. We could never ask for you to overwork yourself for us as you’ve done in the past and we appreciate you even just being there for us. Even the smallest act, which you might think has gone unnoticed, does more for millions of people than you might ever imagine. Just as you do us, we love you unconditionally and recognize the unnecessary sacrifices you’ve made just for Blinks. Thank you for the iconic lyrics, memorable stages, and precious memories that we cherish in our hearts forever. Thank you for being the light in the lives of your members and Blinks. Blackpink has already succeeded buying imagination, and will only see more glory with your heart. Regardless of what happens, we will always support you and love you. I can’t wait to see what you do next and be part of your story even more! I pray that this birthday offers you all of the blessings that you deserve and that it is represents all that you dream of. I hope you have as much fun as you can possibly have surrounded by those that love you most. Hopefully you can feel our love warm your heart! I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe and find happiness in all that you do in the future. Thank you so much for all that you do Jennie. I hope you never loose your pure heart and kind spirit! You are completely beautiful inside and out! Happy birthday Jennie, and we love and adore you so much!

  17. Afsheen Kamal

    Afsheen Kamal


  18. penquin


    Jisoo had SOOOOOO many lines in this song!!1! 🤯

  19. Pearl InTheSea

    Pearl InTheSea

    Жыл бұрын

    Jisoo and her lil bagpack is literally the cutest thing ever

  20. Moon 💜

    Moon 💜

    I just want to see them together like this in real dancing, singing. ✨